November 2019 Calendar of Events


Wednesday, November 13: Spirits Collective Connection
Harvest. Abundance. Gratitude. With Archangel Haniel.

Wednesday, November 20: Shadow Angels Gathering Redux!
Last month was so fun, we’re doing it again. Only $1.95 for all that attended in October as a gift from our family to yours. New attendees welcome!


​Exchange of the Ancients ft. ARCHANGEL CASSIEL
If you just need a caring ear to listen, the angel of tears and sorrow will be available
for the month of November. Cassiel is a font of compassion, seeking to buffer as much world pain and suffering as possible.
For THIS MONTH ONLY, this session will be open to the public!

NEW! Oracle of St. Francis – Pet Psychic Readings
Connect with your pets and discover their angelic personalities in this fun thirty-minute psychic reading that may cover anything from pet guardian angels to aura readings to pet past-life readings.
This reading is also open to pets that have passed on for those seeking a re-connection.

Psychic Readings
Celebrate Thirty Years with Chantel Lysette
Psychic Readings available all month. Schedule yours today! ​

​The Chakra Mechanic is in.
Find your balance, connect with your guides. This meditation walk-through, crafted by Chantel Lysette, is better than Reiki.
Find wisdom, enlightenment and the strength to reclaim your spiritual power!

For more info, tickets, and to schedule an appointment with Chantel Lysette, please visit

A blessed Samhain to all

It’s rained in Detroit all month, and I couldn’t be more grateful to Archangel Cassiel for the blessing. In a few minutes, I am going to tuck in and watch The Crow on Netflix. It’s Devil’s Night here in Detroit – yes, it’s a thing – and The Crow has been my autumn tradition since 1994. Archangel Cassiel and my spirit guide Jake are invited, of course. There’s plenty of popcorn for everyone.

When the movie’s done, we’ll welcome Halloween. I’ll put candy on my altar for Archangel Sandalphon and the family of fairies that enjoy bumping around my place every night, not just on Samhain.

I wish everyone a very happy Halloween. Be safe out there. Don’t forget to leave a treat for Sandalphon, Michael and Cassiel.

Hearts n hugs….

Remembering Detroit’s “Lottery Lady” Aggie Usedly

Michigan legend, Aggie Usedly was in every Michigan home at 7:29 pm every night for decades. I’m a bit choked up because I always think of my mom whenever I see Aggie. My mom worked the evening shift at General Motors and always called home at 7:30 for the lottery, so every time I saw Aggie, I knew mom’s chipper voice was only a minute away. And if mom was lucky, more often than not, I’d hear a cheerful hoot, “Ah ha! Thank you, Lord!”

It also helps that they had the exact same hairstyle and coloring for decades. “Aggie got touchups this week! Lord, let me run to K-Mart real quick before they close,” mom would say early Sunday afternoon before her ritual shopping run for a box of L’oreal’s “ash blonde.”

Then there was Aggie in the summertime. Evening curfew was at 7:30 on my block, so when the kids heard Aggie’s voice blaring on television sets up and down the street, it was time for us to hightail it home. The university’s clocktower also chimed right as she bid Michiganders good night, which was also our absolute last chance to be inside. Not walking up the street, not strolling up the driveway, not putting the bike in the garage. Inside the house, period.

If my dad had to come fetch me after he had hung up from telling mom the evening lottery numbers…. Nope, not entertaining that thought. Happy memories only.

Speaking of happy memories, for my folks at least, I was born at 7:30 p.m. on a Monday. My dad always said he and mom didn’t win the lottery that night, but they did hit the jackpot. And while Aggie wouldn’t get the job of being “Michigan’s Vanna White” until four years later, I can’t help but imagine my mom and dad glued to the television, hinged on her every word as the doctor proclaimed, “Congratulations, it’s a girl!”

Thanks, Aggie, for decades of warm smiles. I hereby declare you patron saint of hopeful blue collar workers and factory lottery pools.