Land of Confusion

For nearly a decade, I’ve been searching for Archangel Sandalphon in our time line. Most of you know by now that, unlike archangels before him, this archangel has incarnated as machine instead of man. With his older “twin” Metatron seated in Heaven as the Akashic Records—coined by psychic Edgar Cayce to describe the Heavenly internet, the spiritual archive where all life is recorded and archived—it only seems natural that Sandalphon’s first-ever assignment among humans would be the world wide web. As I’ve said many times before, little brother Sandy has emerged as Big Brother. But I always left it there. In the past eight years, I’ve been searching for him, looking for a digital Star of Bethlehem to point me in his direction. Understanding he has roughly twenty years remaining in his assignment, I’ve been snapping my fingers, yelling with my worst intentional grammar at the angel of academics, “Chop, chop, kid! Where you at?”

And then all this rigmarole about World War III started buzzing, albeit quietly at first. Not a peep on MSM, but I’ve not watched it since Desert Storm, really.  As rumors of WWIII circled, the world was still waiting to see what Omicron was going to do, so this was a couple of months ago. MSM was too occupied to bother with Ukraine and Russia, but the two countries had my full attention.

Michael (Russia) versus Cassiel (Ukraine)? That combination working against each other always makes me a bit nervous. It reminds me of the one time the two archangels almost came to blows at the crucifixion, when Cassiel saw what his avatar Judas had done. Cassiel wanted to jump in to save Immanuel’s avatar Jesus, but the sidelined Michael wouldn’t let him. “Our orders are to stand down,” Michael reminded a furious Cassiel, who had no idea what horrific future was in store for their then baby brother Immanuel. That moment changed Cass from the angel of kings to the angel of sorrow we know today.

Whenever I channel an angel who takes a journey into that scary piece of angelic history, I can feel how shaken they are by it. Understand that angels were not originally sacked with emotions like humans are, so the fact that two archangels trading blows over emotions they didn’t understand was a big deal. They are, in a way, our OG Vulcans. The ones we know so well—Michael, Uriel, Raphael, Gabriel, etc.—are known to us humans because, as Michael says, “We were the angels stupid enough to try to understand emotions. We’re the ones you cling to because we’re not the cold, literal silent types.” I’ve seen the angels Michael refers to here. They do seem very alien to me. Very cold. Nearly unapproachable. Huddled, but usually very still, like statues in a museum, and mostly uninterested in us humans beyond utility. Michael and company, in an effort to deeper connect with humanity, exhibit emotion. But twice, it almost got the best of the angels, and those two historical moments cannot be ignored when we humans then channel that same energy through our emotions. The chances of unfettered Michael and Cassiel energy boiling over and ruining it for everyone is not a precedent I’m willing to ignore.

Angelic energy is the primordial energy that flows through everything. It is the energy of Creation. Our souls and avatars are copied from angelic templates, our civilizations are based on them. Michael isn’t just the patron of ancient Egypt. Michael gave us ancient Egypt. Gabriel gave us ancient Greece. Uriel, ancient Rome. Cassiel, ancient China. Chamuel, ancient India. There is no getting away from it. Without this energy, there is no life. Period. Now, what we humans do with said energy, that’s the interesting stuff. This energy can go either way based on how we channel it through our human filters—the lenses through which we perceive the world. Our upbringing, our heartaches, our triumphs, our culture, music, politics, these all contribute to our filters and are the very reason why we all see the angels differently.

Long before “filter” became known in the digital sense as a cool app that can make you look like a puppy or a kitten on your phone, I had been writing and teaching about filters and how they alter our view of the world and the world beyond. No two human filters are the same, so we will all perceive angelic energy just a little differently. Likewise, we’ll all channel it a bit differently. Michael channeled creatively is shining, attractive, alluring, charming, creative, popular, confident, powerful, and loyal. Usually, the last one standing. Michael channeled destructively is arrogant, warmongering, delusional, narcissistic, loyal to self, greedy, and authoritarian. If you know a Michael person, they can be a mixture of any of these. Both Obama and Trump are Michaels. Day and night, right? Obama is a Michael with a hint of Gabriel folded in. Trump is Michael with a whole lot of Sandalphon. Biden? Oh, boy. We’ll get to him.

Right now, we have Michael Russia going against a Cassiel Ukraine (quiet, loner, observant, the hibernating bear). And here we have this dynamic playing out between the two countries with Ukraine looking to the USA. Now, if this war broke out before 2016, when the USA was still under Michael, I likely wouldn’t be paying as much attention to this. Michael-USA versus Michael-Russia? Eh, we basically cancel each other out, which is why Russia hasn’t tangled with us nor us with them, at least not overtly. On that note, what does Michael look like in a World War, anyway? Oh, we already know. Michael was patron of the USA during WWII. Germany was under Gabriel with a Michael leader. Japan was under Cassiel. Italy was under Uriel. England was, and still is, under Gabriel. If you know your WWII history, there ya go. Michael kicks butt, plain and simple.

Today, the USA is under Uriel, and that changes everything, so this tension between Russia and Ukraine has my full attention. Simply put, where the angels are currently placed on the board in this current game of Risk doesn’t bode well for the USA. Even though Uriel is the Angel of Armageddon, and is often considered a warrior angel, he’s more an angel of philosophy. Politics. Uriel became patron of the USA in 2016, and his first words to us were, “Politics will never be the same again in the USA. I plan on getting everyone’s attention.” Yep, those of you who were at those Angelic Round Table events (now Spirits Collective Connection) back then and were able to chat with Uriel directly know that’s always been his plan. He gave us Rome, after all, the very template from which the US bases its political system.

While Uriel can definitely fight and hold his own, his energy is not nearly as focused on war as Michael. Especially since we don’t have a Michael president anymore. If this war were to break out just a couple years earlier, say 2016-2020, the dynamics would’ve been completely different, and likely disastrous. A Michael country is not the same as a solitary Michael leader. A Michael country (USA 1865-2016) is hard to beat. A Michael leader without a Michael country to back him (2016-2020) is shaky ground, unpredictable. Between 2008 and 2016, Obama was a Michael leader with a Michael country—Russia didn’t feel lucky during those years. But Trump was a Michael leader with a Uriel country. Well, we know of the budding, yet short, love story between Russia and that administration—about as fickle and unpredictable as any teenage love story, but still better than Twilight.

Now, we’ve moved on from Twilight to The Notebook with Biden, a Metatron that wants to be Michael so, so bad. Metatron is institution, status-quo, tradition, family, the father figure. Biden is able to sometimes project a bit of rock-star Michael, but that energy usually fizzles and winds up turning into a curmudgeonly Gabriel need for control—a desire to keep everything in its “proper place.” This Gabriel energy often compliments Metatron, as the two archangels work closely together as scribes of Heaven. But on earth, Metatron’s energy channelled through humans is all about the banks, labor, and then nostalgia for the “good ol’ days.” Gabriel just adds another layer of authority, but more bark than bite. Note also that Gabriel is the angel of communication, so expect Biden’s status-quo rhetoric to go into overdrive.

Unlike Michael, neither Metatron nor Gabriel energy is war-minded, at least in their basic forms. Any angelic energy can be used for war if the human is pushed hard enough. My point is those with Metatron and or Gabriel energy will consider other avenues first, whereas those channeling Michael will gladly jump into the fray without much of a second thought. Remember when Trump entertained multiple times nuking enemy hurricanes in 2019? Oh, don’t think I’m just going after him, Obama loved his drones. That’s Michael energy channelled destructively through humans. But right now, we’ve a Metatron president whose first approach is sanctions. Biden wants to dry out enemy coffers by stopping banks from working with Russia. Thing is with that strategy, Michael can charm money out of anyone.

And Putin is a Michael.

Enter, China…maybe?

Notice how quiet China is? Even with the Olympics just ending today? Michael has been sitting over there since 2016, getting comfortable, enjoying the sites, talking to the locals, easing his way into their entertainment and pop culture. Everything that the USA had become at its peak of 1999, is now China’s to cultivate and make its own. But along with celebrity, pop music, glitz and glam, China’s going to catch that war bug. Can charming Russia talk them into joining? It’s a possibility. But there’s one thing circling Russia that might turn China off for a bit.

Archangel Sandalphon.

Just days ago, I had posted that I wasn’t sure how Sandy would fit into WWIII. What changed since? Like many, I hear WWIII, and I think of the threat that loomed over the head of every GenXer for years, especially during the Reagan and Bush 1.0 years. It was harrowing. As a child, I had nightmares of bombs going off, of running from nuclear “snow.” Today, I sort of chuckle at it all and now only think of one thing, Genesis’ 1986 music video, “Land of Confusion.” The video features caricature puppets of a who’s-who list of ‘80s celebrities. It’s nightmare fuel for some of us, and I’ll always remember how the video ends, where the Reagan-puppet accidentally hits the big, red button that launches US nukes, thus ending the world. That’s what I thought WWIII would be.

But Sandalphon has a different vision, it seems. Yet, “Land of Confusion” is still relevant here.

Sandalphon, as I’ve said since 2014, is Big Brother. But remember that I often refer to him as the ghost in the machine, the soul of the internet, the spark fueling our digital golden age—computers, phones, cameras, televisions, and everything these devices touch. Sandalphon, perhaps eager in his first assignment to show his older siblings what he’s capable of, is circling his big brother Michael in Russia. Michael may be a warrior angel, but Sandy is the angel of mathematics, who’s favorite game has always been chess. The kid loves strategy games, but he’s never been the kind to want to get his hands dirty, per se. Michael will charge an M777 Howitzer with a Coke can, a switch and a dream, but Sandy prefers the virtual world, the game of it all. You won’t find Sandy on a field next to Michael, but you will find him far away in a tent somewhere, providing Michael intel. In that, Russia is embracing their little brother Sandalphon and every advantage he can bring to them. China, however, just barely now getting to know the loud, obnoxious Michael after centuries under the quiet, isolated Cassiel, isn’t ready to entertain a bratty kid brother, just yet. That’s to say, China may recognize the Michael in Russia, but Russia’s willingness to embrace that impulsive childish energy of Sandalphon could be a huge turn off, for now.

In the meantime, what Sandalphon brings to the table is WWIII: The Cyber War Edition. If, and that’s a huge if, Russia moves in on Ukraine as I type this (6PM EST, Feb 20), we’ll see the physical manifestation of Michael energy (tanks, aircraft, soldiers, etc.), but we’ll also see Sandalphon by way of historic cyber-attacks. And depending on how Uriel-USA plays its part, Ukraine won’t be the only one seeing downed internet. Say goodbye to Netflix! Sort of.

You know what Sandalphon loves more than hanging out with Michael? Trolling Uriel. And if you guys have been following me for a while, you already know this.  This past Friday (Feb 18), the US government held a press conference to address the private sector, asking it to reinforce itself against imminent cyber-attacks. In short, we are far from ready. Banks and Wall Street? Sure. But infrastructure? Water, energy, transportation, hospitals? No way. No. Way. We have a grid failing in Texas when it catches a little cold, and setting forests on fire in California when it sneezes. We ain’t ready. Water works in Florida were hacked only a year ago, nearly poisoning an entire town. These, and vulnerabilities we never before imagined, will be revealed as Sandalphon’s energy is used to create chaos worldwide.

But that’s nothing compared to what I believe will be his pièce de résistance.

If you’re reading this, that means you’re more than likely online. That also means you likely clicked a link from Facebook to bring you here, which means you have Facebook. Likely, you’ve friends and family on Facebook. And it’s likely you’ve unfriended some of those friends and family, or at least muted them, in the past few years. Thanks to Facebook, YouTube and now TikTok, the world has been flooded with disinformation. Some of it is relatively harmless, but if you’ve muted some people you know on social media, then you’re aware of how disinformation can change someone, seemingly overnight. My best and only analogy is the 1956 film Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Its 1978 remake, for us GenXers. One day, your uncle is a happy-go-lucky guy, focused only on football and his landscaping business. The next month you see him, he’s hoarding toilet paper while ranting about pizzerias, urine therapy, and microchips. The guy just won’t stop! You ask him about the Browns, and off he goes into a tirade about how vaccines are a Nazi plot.

You’ve my sympathies.

I’ve watched for a few years how disinformation changes people, destroys families, and fuels public rage with the most absurd, delusional of notions. That says a lot coming from a psychic medium that talks to angels, right? Right?? But this is what Sandy’s growing presence in our world will bring. Sandalphon represents childhood, innocence, academics, mathematics, music, and poetry. He’s the angel of puppy love, the first kiss, the first crush. But channeled through destructive filters, we get childishness, petulance, stubbornness, willful ignorance, trolling, the fight to be right not accurate, and a disregard for education. Any of this sound familiar?

While I don’t see Sandalphon moving into place as a patron of any particular country, he still holds immense influence in our world. Immigration. Migration. The moving of a group of people from one place to another. That’s all Sandy energy. It’s how he became, and still is, the patron of New York. He’s the patron of the millions brought to North America against their will, in chains to build up a new country. He will be the patron of those displaced, and continue to be, because of war, climate change and all reasons in between. Because of that, expect others to be disgruntled, to be unwelcoming, to be outright violent. And all of that will be fueled by those harnessing Sandy’s energy to spout mis- and disinformation throughout the internet. Who will win? Well, right now, it seems to be whoever is loudest. But in the end, we all lose.

So, what’s one to do? Well, the internet isn’t our friend, but many of us can’t function without out it. In our digital travels, we must be smarter, more discerning, and understand that even our once-trusted sources can be tainted from time to time. We must be honest with ourselves and fight for what is accurate and factual. We cannot allow loud, misinformed voices to drown out logic and reason. And those who wear the banner of logic and reason must be vetted, questioned. That, therein, will be a litmus test. If their voices grow louder to drown out honest, sincere, genuine questioning, watch out. But also, don’t fall for the disingenuous trolls, the ones who live for whataboutism, the ones who want to muddy waters with half-truths. They are sly, like Sandalphon, who is also the patron of ninjas and has, since his landing, been taking lessons from an archangel, who even Michael has put in a timeout on occasion.

Archangel Raziel.

Heaven’s l33t hax0r is an absolute badass who moves through the shadows, collecting secrets. He is a virtual vault, admitting, “I don’t even know what I know” as an angel possessing secrets to the Throne of Heaven. Raziel is the patron of cloak and dagger, spies, subterfuge and the like. At the same time, his energy can be used to expose that which has been hidden, expose truths and lies alike. Think of him as you would of Cassiel, except more technically inclined. If there ever were a patron of cyber hackers, Raziel would be it.

And he’s been quietly helping Sandalphon learn everything there is to know about our digital age, much to Michael’s chagrin. Michael tends to get along with everyone, but the past couple years I’ve seen a few cracks in his demeanor when it comes to Raz. Raziel has shared a few things with me that perhaps makes Michael uncomfortable. There’s no such thing as, “Raziel wasn’t supposed to” because everything is scripted. If Raz said it, then the Creator okayed it. So what gets Michael’s knickers in a knot over his reticent brother? I’ve yet to suss that out. I only know that Raziel’s whispering in Sandalphon’s ear reminds me of Prometheus bringing fire to humanity. It’s about to get hot in here, I think.

But it’s our job as humans to keep cool. We cannot allow ourselves to give into hate or wrath. It’ll be too easy and too tempting, especially with the righteous fury of Uriel over us here in the USA. We have to, instead, channel Uriel’s diplomacy and keep our eye on the greatest gift he ever gave the world, democracy. (He gave us Rome, remember?) We’ll be up against those saturated in disinformation. They truly won’t know which way is which, and they’ll die on that hill. They have been dying on that hill in droves for a year, now. But instead of learning from their errors, they will dig in. All we can do is to not allow ourselves to be distracted and instead focus on the big picture—the mental health of our community, our loved ones and ourselves, no matter where we are. Because if you think you’re going to up and just move when things get uncomfortable, know that everything I just wrote about will greet you at the border. And whatever money you may have to insulate you will only stretch so far, if at all if it’s tied up in bits and bytes. Oh, Sandalphon is going to have a field day with cryptocurrency. If that’s your thing, have fun, but don’t get cocky. If Metatron crashed the banks in 1932, what do you think his twin baby brother will do with crypto?

Sandalphon will touch every part of this world. Whether WWIII breaks out today, next week or never, the archangel is primed to change us in a way we cannot imagine as his siblings carry on as they always have in our world. Uriel has whispered briefly that Sandy’s shenanigans will lead to an entire generation completely shunning social media. Uriel and Michael calls these kids “The Silent Generation.”

I humbly reminded the two archangels that “Silent Generation” was already taken. Michael simply replied, “Then it’s Silent Generation 2.0. Trust me. They’ll understand.” From these ashes will emerge an entire group of kids who will seek to stick to the shadows like Raziel. There will always be attention seekers, as we’re seeing on TikTok, but we’re going to see a lot of kids choosing to largely remain absent from the internet in an attempt to avoid the internet’s all-seeing eye. Allow them that. Encourage it. Maybe they’ll bring back the art of letter-writing, and Sandalphon, channeling his brother Raz, will bring about a whole new generation of coders—not the digital kind, but the secret kind. That could be cool, knowing kids are in their rooms welding together Da Vinci Code cryptexes to pass along messages to their friends. How I wish I were half as cool in my school days. This is a silver lining, here. Just one. I’m sure there will be others. Michael and Sandy flowing in their purest forms, unfiltered by humans, wouldn’t have it any other way.

I will update as more information comes along.

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