Angel of Tears (Part 3)

Part Three: Cassiel's struggle with Judas' guilt Our tour group stood in the amber light of the flickering lanterns dotting the cemetery. We huddled close to our tour guide, Archangel Cassiel, who stood like a mourning statue at what I could only assume was an unmarked gravestone. The jagged boulder, about the size of a … Continue reading Angel of Tears (Part 3)

Angel of Tears (P1)

Recently, at the 2019 Shadow Angels gathering, Archangel Cassiel took all the attendees on a tour of his angelic mansion. The timid, soft-spoken angel invited us into his world with open arms, revealing sections I hadn't ever seen before, despite having visited his mansion many times in the past. An angelic mansion is immeasurable. Literally. … Continue reading Angel of Tears (P1)

A blessed Samhain to all

It's rained in Detroit all month, and I couldn't be more grateful to Archangel Cassiel for the blessing. In a few minutes, I am going to tuck in and watch The Crow on Netflix. It's Devil's Night here in Detroit - yes, it's a thing - and The Crow has been my autumn tradition since … Continue reading A blessed Samhain to all